By: Ryan Renner, Realtor
By: Ryan Renner, Realtor

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Many Omahans would consider Benson a city within a city, and even the heart of Omaha. The houses, parks, and businesses offer such a variety that attracts people of all kinds.
Historic Benson sign on side of building in Omaha

Erasmus Benson– land speculator, philanthropist, investor, and once Omaha mayoral candidate–  purchased approximately 900 acres of land from Edward Creighton in 1887 and platted it that same year calling the area “Benson.” 

Below is a map that shows a map of Benson. There are no official boundaries so use this as a rough guide.

Navigating Benson

Located slightly northwest of the Midtown area, Benson is considered anywhere north of Western Ave. and south of Pratt Street, and anywhere east of 72nd Street and west of 52nd Street. Although, when considering the vastness of Omaha, Benson is located rather East of the center of the city. 

The major thoroughfare of Benson is Maple Street (historically called Main Street), which runs right through the heart of Benson, with shops, bars, and restaurants flanking either side. 


Several hospitals are located near the Benson area.  


Benson is located in the Omaha Public School District.

Schools that are located within the Benson area are: 

  • Harrison Elementary
  • Rose Hill Elementary
  • Benson West Elementary
  • Monroe Middle School
  • Benson High School

Private schools include both St. Bernard’s and St. Pius X/ St. Leo Schools. 


Aerial View of Downtown Benson in Midtown Omaha
Aerial View of Downtown Benson

Benson is a well-established neighborhood and, therefore, has several historical buildings including the Benson U.S. Post Office, Benson High School, and even a Masonic Temple.

Each of those buildings is still being used for its original purpose. 

Aside from the historical buildings, downtown Benson has variety of businesses and services including a yoga studio, natural health food store, physical therapy, chiropractic wellness, and 

Parks + Recreation

Gallagher Park and Benson Park are the two major public parks and recreation areas in Benson. Gallagher Park is located right at the heart of the area across the street from Benson High School and Monroe Middle School. This park includes a pool, softball fields, a fountain, and open grassy areas for picnicking. 

Benson Park, located on the south side of Military Ave. offers a park to walk, jog, or bike around, plenty of fish for the anglers, a splash-ground and playground for the littles, basketball courts for the older kids, and several BBQ areas for families. 

Metcalf Park (technically in the Country Club District– a little south of the center of Benson). Metcalfe Park is a popular park for kids, dog owners, and anyone else who enjoys the sunshine and outdoors.


Benson Golf Course is a city owned golf course located near 72nd and Ames.


The Benson Community Center and Omaha Public Library- Benson Branch are located on the same block and offer many programs to engage both children and adults in activities. 

Omaha Public Library


Benson is no stranger to entertainment. In fact, it is a place many choose to enjoy local live music, beverages, and games.

Popular Places: 

Reverb Lounge

The Waiting Room



In just the small 900 acres of Benson, at least 20 popular restaurants (mostly locally owned) reside including: 

Au Courant Regional Kitchen

Mantra Bar + Grille

Ika Ramen and Izakaya

Barchen Beer Garden

Burrito Envy + Tequila Bar

The Benson Brewery

1912 Benson

Taco Co.

Caribbean Delights

Dundee’s Place Bar + Grille

Danny’s Bar + Grille

Star Deli

Taj Indochinese Cuisine

Ted + Wally’s Ice Cream

JoJo’s Diner


Mas Chingon

Leo’s Diner

Virtuoso Pizzeria

Hartland Bar B Que

Tiger Tom’s Pub


Possibly the most popular and frequent event held in Benson is Benson First Friday. The first Friday of each month brings to Benson celebrations of music, art, and community. 

Another favorite of the locals is Benson Days, bringing stalls and kiosks of local business owners and artists sharing their works and services, and a parade of local organizations tossing candy to anyone and everyone who passes by. 

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