Gretna Public Schools

By: Ryan Renner, Realtor
By: Ryan Renner, Realtor

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Located between the larger cities of Omaha and Lincoln, Gretna Public Schools started out as a small district, but has grown to now serve more than 5,000 students.
Gretna Middle School

Still maintaining more of a small-town atmosphere, the fast-growing school district includes five elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. The high school is a designated Blue Ribbon School by the US Department of Education and boasts a high graduation rate.

Through an agreement with Metropolitan Community College, the high school offers the option of earning college credit hours in certain courses. Many students enrolled in Gretna Schools are involved in extracurricular sports, clubs and fine arts organizations. The entire district is additionally accredited by AdvancED.

District Information

District Superintendent:
Dr. Kevin Riley

District Enrollment:
Approximately 5,200 students

High School Enrollment:
Gretna High School: Approximately 1,300 students

Gretna High School - Grenta, NE

District Office:
Gretna Public Schools
11717 S. 216th St.
Gretna, NE 68028

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Attendance areas/boundaries

Early Childhood Education
**Partial-day preschool for age 4 students in each elementary school building
**Some 3-year old classrooms

Boundary Map of Gretna Public Schools District

School Buildings

Elementary Schools
Regular Schedule: 8am-3pm

Aspen Creek Elementary
Falling Waters Elementary
Harvest Hills Elementary
Gretna Elementary School
Squire John Thomas Elementary School
Palisades Elementary School
Whitetail Creek Elementary School

Middle Schools
Regular Schedule: 8:05am-3:05pm
Gretna Middle School
Aspen Creek Middle School

High Schools
Regular Schedule: 8am-3:21pm
Gretna High School

Gretna East High School
Opening in 2023

Gretna East High School - Aerial Image
Aerial photo of Gretna East High School under construction and expected to open in 2023.


Nebraska State Department of Education

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