Guide to Living Near Offut Air Force Base

By: Ryan Renner, Realtor
By: Ryan Renner, Realtor

I have helped many families moving to Omaha. Contact me if you have any questions about the Omaha area or need help buying a home.

Did you receive PCS orders for Offut Air Force Base? Learn what it’s like to live and work in the Omaha area.
US Air Force Base

What you should know about Offutt

Offutt Air Force Base is located about 12 miles from Omaha and about 60 miles from Lincoln. It is the headquarters of the U.S. Strategic Command, the Air Force Weather Agency, and the 55th Wing.

Its mission is to provide intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, electronic attack, and nuclear command and control to national leadership and warfighters. About 7,986 active military members, 6,212 dependents, 2,764 Department of Defense civilians, 1,157 other civilians, and 26,000 retirees live here.

The Army initially established the base, known as Fort Crook, in the late 1800s. The fort later established an airfield to grow its aviation capabilities. The name was changed in 1924 to honor Omaha’s first World War I air casualty, Lt. Jarvis J. Offutt. It was transferred to the Air Force in 1948.

The 55th Wing arrived in 1966 and was officially assigned here in 1991.

The base provides recreational opportunities, including the 183-acre Offutt Base Lake Recreation Area. The area has sports courts, an archery range, an indoor pool, disc golf, and a playground. It also offers 40 campsites. Lake Offutt offers a stocked fishing lake and paddle boating and kayaking.

The base has three gates, two of which are open 24/7.


You will need clothing for multiple seasons. Winters are cold, and summers are hot and humid. Spring and fall are moderate and pleasant. On average, the area receives 20 to 30 inches of snow a year.

If you want to learn more about the weather and tornadoes, I created a specific page about weather.

Offutt Air Force Base - Stratcom Gate

Surrounding Communities

The nearby communities of Omaha, Bellevue, and Papillion support the base and the military lifestyle.

With a population of almost 500,000, Omaha is Nebraska’s largest city and the anchor city of the Omaha metro area which has almost 1 million people.

Five Fortune 1000 companies and several other big companies are headquartered in the area

Bellevue, which is just outside the base, is a city of about 54,000, and its metropolitan area has about 82,000 people.

The Greater Omaha area has a lot of attractions to explore. The Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge is a 3,000-foot pedestrian and bike bridge over Nebraska and Iowa. Omaha is also home to performing arts, including theater, ballet, and symphony, and has an annual blues, jazz, and gospel festival. The region also offers extensive dining and shopping options.

And if Nebraska isn’t your thing, you can hop over the Missouri River into Iowa.

Where Should You Live?

BAH gives active service members the option to live on or off base. If you choose to live off base, here are some choices.


If you are looking for an easy commute, then start your search in Bellevue. Bellevue has a huge military population because of it’s proximiety to the base.

The city itself has about 60,000 people but it’s really just a suburb of Omaha. It’s tough to tell where Omaha ends and Bellevue begins. Bellevue has a decent number of housing options.

If you are looking to buy, expect to spend between $175k-$450k.

If you are looking for a newer apartment or newer home, you may want to consider Papillion.

If you are moving to the area and thinking about buying a home, please reach out to me.

I’ve helped many service members in your exact position. Let me educate you even more on the area.

And I’ll connect you with my preferred VA lender. Let me help make the transition to Offutt an easy one.


Papillion, Nebraska - Aerial Photo
An aerial view of downtown Papillion looking north.

Just to the west of Offutt (and Bellevue) is Papillion. It is a small city in Sarpy County and a suburb of Omaha. Elle Decor ranked it as one of the best small cities to live in.

The commute to Offutt is pretty fast.

If you choose to live in Papillion, you will have an even wider range of homes, condos, and apartments to choose from. Although, prices are generally a little higher in Papillion than Bellevue.

Papillion homes range in price from $250k-$500k.

The city has a large park in its center, Halleck Park, including trails, open spaces, an aquatics park, and recreational facilities. If you love baseball, then check on the Triple A affiliate of the Kansas City Royals. The Omaha Storm Chasers play their games in Papillion.


U.S. News and World Report has ranked Omaha the 25th best place to live and the 15th cheapest.

Your commute to Offutt will vary depending on where you decide to live. It could be 10 minutes. It could be 30 minutes.

You will certainly have a ton of different housing options to choose from.

For example, the historic Benson neighborhood offers houses that sell in the $100,000s to $200,000s. The average one-bedroom apartment rent in Benson is about $1,000. Aksarben Village, is a modern, mixed-use development that contains the University of Nebraska -Omaha’s south campus. It offers upscale housing options that sell from the $200,000s and rent for about $1,100.

Old Market, one of the city’s most historic and entertaining neighborhoods, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It retains its cobblestone streets from the turn of the 20th century and roving street musicians, yet it has many modern restaurants, stores, and art galleries. Old Market has historic homes, as well as modern condos for sale and apartments and houses for rent. Prices are a bit more expensive than some other areas of the city. Omaha also features several other interesting neighborhoods, including Dundee and Florence.

Council Bluffs

Council Bluffs is in Iowa but only about 15 miles from Offutt. Houses in Council Bluffs tend to be a little less expensive than those in Omaha. The population is about 63,000. It also has several neighborhoods such as Downtown, the West End, the South End, Oakland Fairview, and Madison Avenue.

Other options

I haven’t covered all the options here. Some service members are fine with a longer commuter and call Glenwood, IA home or even Nebraska City. Plattsmouth is another popular town that’s not too far from Offutt.

Rent or Buy?

Should you rent or buy while stationed at Offutt?

Pros of renting

The reasons you might want to rent are:

  • Lower upfront costs. The deposit on a rental will be lower than a down payment and closing costs on a purchased home.
  • Low maintenance. The landlord will take care of most of my repairs.
  • Lower monthly costs. A rent payment may be less expensive than a mortgage.

I need to remember that, as active military, if I rent and am reassigned, I can get out of my lease without penalty.

Pros of buying

The reasons I might want to buy are:

  • Tax breaks. I probably will be able to deduct the interest paid on my mortgage from my income taxes.
  • Renovations. I can renovate the home to suit my tastes.
  • Equity. As I pay my mortgage, I will build equity in the home, which means I receive cash when I sell it.

When buying, I should remember that my interest rate is limited to no more than 6 percent and, if my military service prevents me from making payments, I may be shielded from foreclosure.

Base Housing Options

If you live on base, choices vary depending upon rank and marital status. If I am single, ranked E1 to E4 with less than three years of service, I would have private but basic accommodations in the barracks. Each dorm includes free Wi-Fi, extra-large flat-screen TVs, recreation equipment in the dayrooms, fully-equipped kitchens, and security cameras.

Coffman Heights at Rising View Offutt Air Force Base Housing

If I am married, of a higher rank, or have more years of service, my on-base housing is handled by a private company. Rising View offers two to four-bedroom homes based on rank and family size. A variety of floor plans are available. I will sign a lease just as I would if I were renting in the community but pay no security deposit and have all my utilities included in the rent. The homes are pet friendly, and community amenities include 61 tot lots and playgrounds, a dog walking park, soccer field, sand volleyball courts, walking trails, basketball courts, picnic pavilions, and a community center.

2022 BAH Calculator

With DependentsWithout Dependents
$15,804.00 per year$11,844.00 per year
$1,317.00 per month$987.00 per month
With DependentsWithout Dependents
$15,804.00 per year$11,844.00 per year
$1,317.00 per month$987.00 per month
With DependentsWithout Dependents
$15,804.00 per year$11,844.00 per year
$1,317.00 per month$987.00 per month
With DependentsWithout Dependents
$15,804.00 per year$11,844.00 per year
$1,317.00 per month$987.00 per month
With DependentsWithout Dependents
$17,064.00 per year$13,356.00 per year
$1,422.00 per month$1,113 per month
With DependentsWithout Dependents
$20,628.00 per year$15,444.00 per year
$1,719.00 per month$1,287.00 per month
With DependentsWithout Dependents
$20,916.00 per year$15,804.00 per year
$1,743.00 per month$1,317.00 per month
With DependentsWithout Dependents
$21,276.00 per year$17,856.00 per year
$1,773.00 per month$1,488.00 per month
With DependentsWithout Dependents
$22,392.00 per year$18,828.00 per year
$1,743.00 per month$1,569.00 per month
With DependentsWithout Dependents
$20,808.00 per year$15,624.00 per year
$1,734.00 per month$1,302.00 per month
With DependentsWithout Dependents
$21,096.00 per year$17,820.00 per year
$1,758.00 per month$1,485.00 per month

With DependentsWithout Dependents
$21,528.00 per year$18,936.00 per year
$1,794.00 per month$1,578.00 per month
With DependentsWithout Dependents
$22,716.00 per year$20,628.00 per year
$1,893.00 per month$1,719.00 per month
With DependentsWithout Dependents
$24,120.00 per year$20,988.00 per year
$1,893.00 per month$1,749.00 per month
With DependentsWithout Dependents
$20,988.00 per year$17,064.00 per year
$1,749.00 per month$1,422.00per month
With DependentsWithout Dependents
$21,420.00 per year$18,612.00 per year
$1,785.00 per month$1,551.00 per month
With DependentsWithout Dependents
$22,896.00 per year$20,556.00 per year
$1,908.00 per month$1,713.00 per month
With DependentsWithout Dependents
$17,532.00 per year$14,508.00 per year
$1,461.00 per month$1,209.00 per month
With DependentsWithout Dependents
$20,592.00 per year$16,668.00 per year
$1,716.00 per month$1,389.00 per month
With DependentsWithout Dependents
$21,492.00 per year$19,296.00 per year
$1,791.00 per month$1,608.00 per month
With DependentsWithout Dependents
$24,588.00 per year$20,844.00 per year
$2,049.00 per month$1,737.00 per month
With DependentsWithout Dependents
$26,856.00 per year$21,024.00 per year
$2,238.00 per month$1,752.00 per month
With DependentsWithout Dependents
$27,036.00 per year$21,312.00 per year
$2,253.00 per month$1,776.00 per month
With DependentsWithout Dependents
$27,216.00 per year$21,528.00 per year
$2,268.00 per month$1,794.00 per month


There are a lot of different schools to choose from when you are stationed at Offutt Air Force Base.

School districts can be a little complicated so I created a separate page that goes into more detail on schools in the Omaha area.

Base schools

The Bellevue County School System operates the base schools. The system designates three elementary schools for students living on Offutt Air Force Base.

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