Nebraska State Income Tax

By: Ryan Renner, Realtor
By: Ryan Renner, Realtor

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People who live in Omaha and surrounding suburbs within the Nebraska state lines pay are required to pay state income tax.
Nebraska State Capital

Things to Note About Nebraska’s State Income Tax

Unlike most states, Nebraska citizens are required to pay taxes on income earned inside the state of Nebraska and on income earned outside of the state.

Therefore, people who live in Omaha that work across the river in Iowa would still need to pay Nebraska state taxes. There are tax credits for taxes paid towards other states.

Married Filing Jointly Tax Rate

Below you will find a table with the different tax rates for married people that file jointly.

Tax Rate2.46%3.51%5.01%6.84%
Amount of Income$0-$6,440$6,441–$38,680$38,681–$62,320$62,321+

Married people that file jointly also receive a standard deduction of $13,800.


Below you will find a table with the different tax rates for single people.

Tax Rate2.46%3.51%5.01%6.84%
Amount of Income$0-$3,230$3,231–$19,330$19,331–$31,160$31,161+

Single people receive a standard deduction of $6,900. If they qualify as a head of a household, they receive a deduction of $10,100.

Married people who file separately are under the same tax bracket as single people.

Property Taxes

If you own a home, I’ve created a page to explain property taxes in Omaha.

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