Guide to Living in Valley, Nebraska

By: Ryan Renner, Realtor
By: Ryan Renner, Realtor

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Valley is located off Highway 275, just east of the Platte River. This is roughly around 270th and Maple Streets, in northwest Omaha.
Valley, Nebraska


The average age of a person that lives in Valley is 47. Although it is very evenly distributed, most of the citizens are older. Only 19% of people that live in Valley are under the age of 18. 

What’s Considered Valley? 

The boundaries for Valley are from just north of State Street to just north of Maple Street, and from 252nd to 300th Streets. The actual city is slightly smaller, but the surrounding area tends to be grouped in with Valley. 

Navigating Valley 

The main roads in Valley are Highway 275 and Reichmuth Road. Spruce Street is another road that has a lot of shops/restaurants off it.

Most people use Highway 275/64 to get to Maple Street in order to navigate their way back into Omaha. 


The safety ratings in Valley are around the same as most of the country. Walking around during the day is fine, but you should have little to no worries. 

Hospitals Nearby 

Methodist Fremont Health is 13.2 miles northwest of Valley. It’s about a 21-minute drive. 

The next closest in Omaha is Methodist Women’s Hospital, which is 10.2 miles away. That is a 15-minute drive.  

Lakeside Hospital is 12.9 miles away. This is about a 19-minute drive. 


DC West Community Schools is located inside of Valley. They have an elementary, middle, and high schools. DC West is an NSAA Class C1 school. 

Parks & Recreation 

Valley is home to two lakes: Valley Shores and Pleasure Lake. There are several lakes around it, as well as the Platte River. There are some campgrounds nearby. The Valley Swimming Pool is a favorite during the summer. There are also several parks: Valley City Park, Rogert Park, Valley Mini Park, and the Joe Roberts Arboretum. 


There aren’t many options directly in Valley when it comes to entertainment. There are a few restaurants such as Casey’s and Spruce Street Tavern. The community normally has a few events going on throughout the year.

Most people in Valley will drive into Fremont or Omaha for different activities. 

City Services 

The Mayor of Valley is Cindy Grove. There are four city council members. 

Additional Information

City of Valley website

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