Guide to Living in Plattsmouth, Nebraska

By: Ryan Renner, Realtor
By: Ryan Renner, Realtor

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Plattsmouth is located 25 minutes south of Omaha along Highway 75, near the Missouri River. It is in Cass County.
Downtown Plattsmouth, Nebraska


The average age of someone living in Plattsmouth is 36. A big portion of the population is young adults and kids, but there is a good diversity in age groups.

Plattsmouth also has a large population of veterans because of its convenient location to Offutt Air Force Base.

What’s Considered Plattsmouth? 

The western border of Plattsmouth is Highway 75, one of the main highways that leads to Interstate 80 and runs along the Missouri River. The main city of Plattsmouth runs in between the Gregg Young Chevrolet dealership and Mynard/Horning Road. However, suburbs like Beaver Lake and much of the land around it is considered Plattsmouth, too. This is because Plattsmouth is the county seat for Cass County. 

Plattsmouth, Nebraska Welcome Sign

Highway 75 is the main street that is used to navigate in between main roads into the city. HyVee Grocery store is off Highway 75, and it is the main route people use to get to work. Chicago Avenue is a street inside the heart of Plattsmouth with several restaurants. Eighth Avenue runs east and west, and it is the main road people use to get into the city. Finally, Webster Blvd/Washington Avenue is one of the main lines going into the city as well.  

Cass County Courthouse
Cass County Courthouse

Hospitals Nearby 

Bellevue Medical Center is the closest hospital to Plattsmouth. It’s about a 15-minute drive. It’s near Highway 370 and Highway 75


Plattsmouth Community Schools has one elementary, one middle, and one high school. Plattsmouth is a Class B school for Nebraska athletics.  

Parks & Recreation 

Plattsmouth has several amazing parks. They have Memorial Park and Rhylander Park. The Schilling Wildlife Management Area, which allows for fishing and hunting, and other fun activities. They also have Twin Rivers Water Park, a great activity for families. If someone chooses to live in Beaver Lake, a suburb of Plattsmouth, they also have access to the lake there and many boating and fishing opportunities.  


Although there aren’t any large music venues, there is a community center. Sometimes, local restaurants will bring in live music. There are several concert venues and opportunities for entertainment in Omaha, which is only 25 minutes north of Plattsmouth. 

There are also multiple historic sites in Plattsmouth and museums. You can find tons of activities in Plattsmouth at visitcasscounty.com. 

City Services 

The Mayor of Plattsmouth is R. Paul Lambert. They have four wards with eight city council members.  

Gas: Black Hills Energy 

Water and Sewer: Plattsmouth Water and Sewer 

Electricity: Nebraska Public Power District 

Trash: Papillion Sanitation 

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