Guide to Living in Fremont, Nebraska

By: Ryan Renner, Realtor
By: Ryan Renner, Realtor

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Fremont is located northwest of Omaha off Highway 275 in Dodge County. It’s about a 30-minute drive into Omaha.
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Fremont is a town of 26,000 people inside of Dodge County, northwest of Douglas County where Omaha is located. The median age in Fremont is 37.8, with many young families. There is a good mix of age groups throughout the city. There is a bit more diversity in the area with around 20% of people identifying as an ethnicity besides white. This isn’t comparable to Omaha, but it is one of the most diverse suburbs of Omaha.

What’s Considered Fremont?

Fremont is its own city. It is enclosed by Highways 275, 30, and Military Avenue. Fremont Lakes and the Platte River also make a natural border to the southwest.

Navigating Fremont

The main streets that run north and south in Fremont are Luther Rd, Bell Street, and Highway 77 (Broad Street). The main streets that run east and west are 23rd Street and Military Ave. Fremont also has multiple highways that run through and around the city, which help with getting from point A to point B.


Fremont is below average for the state when it comes to crime rate. This is primarily due to its size. However, there are not a lot of violent crimes inside of Fremont. Therefore, it’s okay to walk around and feel safe, but it might be best to walk around with a friend if going out at night.

Hospitals Nearby

Methodist Fremont Hospital is located at 450 E 23rd Street, 68025.


Fremont has seven elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school through Fremont Public Schools. They also have a college, Midland University, that offers multiple four-year degrees and master’s degrees. Fremont High School is a Class A school. There is also a Metropolitan Community College location in Fremont.

Parks & Recreation

Fremont is home to several amazing parks, including Clemmons Dog Park, Fremont Splash Station, Barnard Park, Ruwe Park, John C. Fremont City Park, Van Anda Park, Midland Park, Milliken Park, Davenport Park, and Luther Hormel Memorial Park.

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