By: Ryan Renner, Realtor
By: Ryan Renner, Realtor

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Bennington is a small town in Douglas County around northwest Omaha off Highway 36, in between 156th Street and 168th Street.


Bennington has just under 2,000 people. Most people fall between the ages of 35-54. However, there are several children in the city (26% of the population), and it has doubled over the past twenty years. Even with that, the median age of a person living in Bennington has increased over the past few years to 40. 

What’s Considered Bennington? 

Bennington’s northern border is Highway 36. To the east, it runs all the way to Elmwood Drive. It goes south to Bennington Rd. It runs along 156th Street and ends at 168th street to the west. Just west of Bennington is Bennington Lake. 

Downtown Bennington, Nebraska
Downtown Bennington

Navigating Bennington 

Military Road, one mile south of Bennington, is the primary road used to get into Omaha. Military Road runs all the way through Omaha, eventually turning into Blair High Road, Northwest Radial Highway, and Saddle Creek Road. 

Highway 36 is another road that is used to get into north Omaha, eventually becoming McKinley Street. Finally, 168th Street and 156th Street are both main roads that will lead you back into town. Dodge Street and Maple Street are two great roads to use. Both are a few miles south of Bennington down 168th or 156th Streets. 

Inside Bennington, most restaurants and important buildings are off 168th streets and 156th streets. By using the highway and Bennington Road along the side, you should be able to get anywhere in Bennington within a couple of minutes. 


Bennington is a rather safe neighborhood. It has one of the lowest crime rates in the country. Kids normally walk to school. You can feel safe walking around alone throughout the day and evening.  

Hospitals Nearby 

Immanuel Hospital is located at 6901 N 72nd Street,68122, about 10.3 miles away. It’s a 16-minute drive away from Bennington. 

Lakeside Hospital is located at 16901 Lakeside Hills Ct, 68130. It’s 10.4 miles away, directly south on 168th Street. It’s about a 21-minute drive. 

Methodist’s Women’s Hospital is located at 707 N 190th Plaza, Elkhorn, NE 68022. It’s 12.1 miles away, but it’s only a 19-minute drive.